Easter is icumen in

Here we go again! Easter is ‘icumen in’ (to borrow a phrase from a medieval madrigal) – but once again we are not ‘allowed’ to see our families or friends, to gather at church, to have fun together or celebrate. It really does make me aware of the fragility of the liberties that we have so long taken for granted.

The spring flowers are appearing, but we are not permitted to share our enjoyment of them with any loved ones who do not live with us. Even after a year of the craziness I still find this troubling and bizarre. We are all persevering, heading for the light at the end of the tunnel. However, our personal relationships are too precious to be sacrificed long term. The time might have to come when we become determined to strive for their restoration.

In the meantime, deprived of family gatherings, it remains true that we can keep in touch by sending cards. If you want to do that this Easter, you might find that some of my designs appeal to you. Hope you have a lovely spring and Easter despite the restrictions.


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