Penrose kite and dart

My Penrose Mandala greetings cards are designed using tilings discovered by Sir Roger Penrose (recent Nobel prizewinner for physics). The ‘kite’ and ‘dart’ he discovered are based around pentagonal symmetry and the golden rato. All angles are multiples of 36 degrees, and the tiles can be assembled in an infinite number of ways, most of them lacking rotational symmetry (unlike my designs) and none of them periodic (repeating).

Mandala composed of decorative Penrose tiles
Mandala composed of decorative Penrose tiles

I love the underlying mathematics in nature, but I also love the forms, shapes, colours and randomness of nature itself. So my kites and darts (three pairs, each in three colourways) are designed to create lattices of fronds and plant forms strewn across the structure of the tessellation, creating a more complex overlaid network. Within my design you can spot a cabbage-white butterfly, a greenbottle, a star fish, elder leaves, bramble leaves, sea wrack, germander speedwell and scarlet pimpernel.

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