Why Magpie and Jay?

Having eclectic interests, it has taken me years to find my creative home. Continually flailing around with too many interests – the arts, maths, history, language, nature and the environment – I realised at last that all things that inspire me also inform my art, and that art is essential to my mental wellbeing, along with contemplating nature. Together these pursuits obviate the need for meditation.

Since our natural heritage is so central to my emotional life, inspiration and background, it seemed logical to name my company after two very beautiful, clever and resilient birds, the magpie and the jay.

From time to time I shall be sharing with you those magpie-like eclectic thoughts that underpin my work, and also my ideas on how to care better for the wonderful environent that inspires me.

Oh, and my cat might pop up in some of the posts too (see picture with this one)!

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